About me

Sarah ChildI am happy to have lived in Sussex since 1990 and love being close to the downs and the sea, while also near the town centre, Worthing.
I have lived in several countries, and encountered different Cultures, so my life experiences have been unconventional.

My experience as a counsellor started in 2005.   I consider this work profoundly helpful and effective, and aim to meet every challenge.

I also teach the Alexander Technique one-to-one.  Alexander sessions are separate from counselling, and conducted in a different setting.

I  have practised meditation and mindfulness for most of my adult life, initially to help with my own pain.  Now this practice nurtures my abiity to be an understanding and clear thinking counsellor.

Professional training and experience

My qualification is in Humanistic Integrative Counselling. (Wealden College of Psychotherapy and Counselling).  I have received accreditation from the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy.  “BACP accred” is an award given to  experienced counsellors showing a high standard of competence and ethical practice.

What does Humanistic Integrative Counselling mean?

With a humanisitic counsellor, you develop a deeper understanding of who you are, and  explore more of your choices in life.  There is real heart to the counselling relationship as you are received with empathy and interest.  How you think and how you feel, your deepest emotions are most important.  You can expect support, encouragement, and challenge.

As an Integrativecounsellor the foundation for my approach grew out of the following established theories and skills.  Person Centred, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Psychodynamic and Attachment Theories.

Over the years I have used and trained in play therapy with adults.  I suggest, or you choose to look at some difficult thing in a less verbal way.  Sand work is much loved way of going deeper while being playful and non-rational.

Continuing Professional Development is where we professional continue to expand our professional knowledge and skill, and keep up with new research and developments.  Sand work is an example of this, also to mention; working in EAP, understanding Trauma and the role of Polyvagal Theory in the body-mind.

Voluntary counselling work:

I first trained as an “Action for Change” alcohol counsellor in Hastings and Eastbourne.  In Brighton I counselled adults of all ages at the Women’s Centre, and with Age UK Counselling Service. In Worthing I trained and worked as a voluntary Cruse counsellor.