Breaking free from “quick fix” painkillers

I have learned that the way in which I ‘use’ my body impacts unhelpfully upon how I ‘function’ in my day-to-day professional and personal life. Having spent a number of years experiencing lower back, hip, pelvic, shoulder and neck pain, I have attempted to alleviate this through the use of both prescribed and over-the-counter medication. However, I have come to realise through AT lessons with Sarah that in order to affect lasting change, the use of medication falls somewhat short of my needs. I am merely masking symptoms rather than tackling the root cause(s); this is where my journey into the use of AT has literally changed my life for the better.

AT is not an easy option, nor should it be considered to be a ‘quick fix’ to address problems associated with pain, tension, or anxiety. Rather, for me, AT is a journey which encourages me to be guided to gently increase my attention to the fact that developing a strong and accurate perception of my own ‘body map’ (i.e where my hip joint is located, how my shoulder is linked to my whole body through muscular connections, etc) is one of the greatest insights into understanding how I am using my body and why it functions (or not!) in the way that it does.

 As a psychologist and semi-professional classical musician, I have found AT to be THE most effective approach to understanding how I can function on a daily basis in a way that allows me to experience a greater degree of control and ‘awareness’ of my mind and body. One of my greatest learning points on my AT journey so far is that I can either choose to work ‘with’ myself, or ‘against’ myself; allowing my mind to coordinate with my body means that I can feel a sense of total unity, rather than a life full of battles between the two.

I cannot recommend AT highly enough and I feel that for me, I have found the key to unlocking myself – breaking free from ties that have led me to open the box of painkillers for many years as a ‘quick fix’ measure to addressing longer term problems.

Sarah is a highly experienced AT teacher, although for me personally, I consider her role to be more like my ‘guide’ to support me on my own individual journey into developing the knowledge, skills and reflective ability to encourage a deep and consistent understanding of the connection between my mind and body.

Andi Myles-Wright


Ingrained habits

After practicing Tai Chi for several years I realised that my posture when not doing Tai chi was actually deteriorating, and my balance whilst walking was becoming unsure. I decided that I should look for an answer to this problem and did some research into possible solutions.

I had been aware of something called The ‘Alexander Technique’ which fellow Tai Chi players had spoken of and recommended. I looked on line for locally based practitioners/teachers and after reading reviews etc. I contacted Sarah and booked an initial consultation and then the introductory set of lessons. 

Right from day one I found that I felt a sense of ‘release’ which came about through the ‘hands on’, pointing to a more natural sense of being. Ingrained habits are not easily shifted but over the coming weeks the natural sense of being started to become part of me, almost as if the whole body was slowly becoming unblocked, both physically and mentally, and of course through this process my balance has returned to a more natural state. Because I believe the technique is proving beneficial in other areas I have been taking ongoing lessons. 

I would recommend the Alexander Technique to anyone who wants to go through this life changing process, or who has any of the many ailments which have been proven to be affectively treated with the Technique.

I would certainly recommend Sarah who has had many years of experience in the field. Sarah seems to promote a sense of easy and relaxed change from the beginning, with the recipient having to do surprisingly little in the way of strenuous participation!

David Harber


After a 6 week course

I’ve enjoyed our sessions together and will check in from time to time  so that I don’t veer off track too much.            The daily lying down position has been so beneficial in different ways. –  Thank you for your gentle coaxing and attention.                    Miriam         

Alexander lessons were recommended by my chiropracter

  Learning Alexnader Technique was more hands on and less exercise than I had expected – not negative points! The open-eyed relaxation, awareness of my joints, and Sarah’s supportive hands give me a holistic feeling of well being. I am walking with a lighter gait, a better alignment of my head and spine, particularly when climbing a steep slope.


I am just beginning tuition from Sarah and am feeling immediate benefit from knowing how to sit, stand and move without tensing and causing muscular stress.  –  I feel muscular stress fading away.
Brian, Eastbourne

Lumbar Scoliosis

Usually I am not good at applying myself to any regime, but finding 15-20 minutes most days to follow the Alexander Technique is something I look forward to. I recommend Sarah because I find her approach promotes trust. Her voice is very suited to both concentration and cooperation.
John, retired


Sarah’s observation of my posture, sitting at the piano, and her subsequent hands-on help, have substantially changed and improved my piano playing.


Before being taught the Alexander Technique I had pain in my wrists and lower back. It is no longer the case. It has also taught me a greater awareness on improving my posture which in turn has helped me improve in my cycling.
Public servant, aged 40

After two lessons

Yes after only two lessons I find I am walking in a more upright way – holding myself up. Also whenever I have pain in my back, shoulders or lower back I lie in the semi-supine position I have been taught and am able to get rid of it. My back feels so free and relaxed. I have for some reason also stopped rushing around (which used to cause me to fall over a lot) I have sort of naturally slowed down and feel much more centred and calm.
Sue, retired therapist

Recommended by osteopath

It has given me an awareness of my structure, how I stand and move. I am more considerate towards my bones and muscles. I have noticed an inner calm when I relax and now enjoy being comfortable and quiet rather than not giving myself the time.
Louisa, trainee counsellor


From time to time, due to my work I suffer with an aching wrist. I have found that this can be alleviated by one session of Alexander Technique with Sarah.
Lisa, chiropodist